Jensen Hills

Jensen Hills

Location - Townsville, North Queensland, Australia
Distance -  Depending on route taken
Duration - 1 hour return
Grade - 3, some navigational skills recommended

Both Jensen and the nearby Bohle Hills are often referred to as Deeragun Hills and a larger network of trails connect the two. You'll also find several motocross and dirtbike tracks in the vicinity.

A dirt vehicle track takes you to the top of the hill where there are remains on old concrete structures. This marks the start of the single track along the ridgeline. The trail is very rocky underfoot and a decent level of navigation skills is required. The track is marked with flagging tape but this may be old and hard to follow. The trail makes for a good but very technical trail run which traverses the ridge and then descends steeply down to the flatlands. There are two trails which you can take down the hill.

The ridgeline provides views of the nearby Black River and across the landscape. Black Mountain, Mount Kataughal, and Mount Cataract are nearby with Hervey Range off in the distance.

How to get there

Starting at Appletree Drive (the new development area, The Orchard), Jensen.

Interactive Map

What to bring

  • Water
  • Sun protective clothing (i.e., long pants and shirts)
  • Appropriate footwear

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