Location - Bowling Green Bay National Park, Queensland, Australia
Grade - 4, recommended for experienced bushwalkers
Distance - 7 km return
Time - 3 - 5 hours return

The Palm Creek rock slides are a seemingly lost treasure. The name can be misleading too, as these slides are located within St Margaret Creek rather than Palm Creek. However, the original name came from the access point being via the Palm Creek Eco Park. Nevertheless, getting there only requires a relatively short walk, at which point you will find fantastic swimming holes and slides that make for a perfect place to take your family.

UPDATE 2019- present: This area is no longer accessible via the Palm Creek Eco Park and is only accessible via private property. The Townsville Bushwalking Club still have access, however. If you're keen, join them on a hike to explore this area.

How to Get There

First of all, you will need to find your way to the power line track. While access was originally via the Palm Creek Eco Park, this is no longer allowed.

From the high voltage power lines, make your way along an old, overgrown road toward the mountains. This is sometimes referred to as Palm Creek Track.

Follow this old trail toward the old Chinese Farm, where you can see the rusty plows and machinery from the middle of the 20th century through the lanata and the mango trees.

Continue to the bold "Black Rock", also known as "Palm Creek Boulder". You really cannot miss it. Walk around the back of it, and you will find a chain to assist you to climb to the top. However, it is possible to climb the boulder without the chain; you may choose to challenge yourself. Atop this boulder is the also the last place where mobile phone reception (Telstra) is available and should be marked as a safety location. This boulder also demarcates the National Park boundary.

Continue along the marked track parallel to St Margaret Creek. At the large white gumtree, there is a fork in the track. The track toward the right steeply descends into the creek where you will find a waterhole called "Princess Pools" and "Sandy Beach". This is a commonly used camping area for local bushwalkers. The track toward the left, however, will continue on to the rockslides.

After following the rough track to the rock slides, you can take an opportunity to relax and refresh. You may even choose to slide down these slides into the pool below. Enjoy having a swim, and perhaps take a picnic lunch or a snack. From here, you can either call it a day and head back or continue onto The Terraces, The Cascades, and Hidden Falls.

Return via the same route.

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