Location - Townsville, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - approximately 3-5 km return depending on route
Time - allow 2-4 hours depending on route
Grade - 5

Out the back of the Ross River dam is Round Mountain. It's almost part of the Frederick's Peak mountain range. From the Townsville side, if you look at the mountain with a creative mind, you can see a woman laying down facing upwards. The summit is her forehead and the lower peak is her nose.

Lake near Round Mountain

Round Mountain is not as scrubby as Wild Horse Mountian and far more enjoyable. It had more trees and no long guinea grass or intertwined bushes, although it does have spinifex in small patches. It was easy to walk around the small trees. The incline up the mountain had a little bit of loose rocks but it was only 375m above sea level.

Round Mountain lookout

The best time of the year to do this walk is in winter (June - August). There looks to be a small section of good rock to rock climb. The trig point is wrongly marked on the lower peak for some reason.

Rocky outcrop Round Mountain

How to get there

Take Thuringowa Drive past Kelso and past the dam on the left. Follow the dam's retaining wall which leads to a gate. You will need to request access.

Round Mountain trigpoint on the summit

You'll need

A day pack with:

  • Sun protection (wide brimmed hat, sunscreen, long sleeved shirt and long pants)
  • Gaiters for the spinifex, lantana, sticks and rocks
  • 3L of water is recommended
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear
Summit of Round Mountain

Interactive Map

Round Mountain Ck swimming hole
Round Mountain Creek
Round Mountain Creek Bed