Location - Magnetic Island National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 3
Distance - 250 metres return
Time - Allow 30 minutes return

Locally known to the small Magnetic Island community as Split Rock, from the top, you will be rewarded with a beautiful lookout onto Horseshoe Bay. Especially if you are already enjoying a walk along the beach at Horseshoe Bay, why not check this one out?

There is also a cave-like structure on the way up to Split Rock, which has a fireplace, and apparently someone used to call this cave home for a period of time. You may also remnants of camping gear left behind by people, apparently for impromptu use by the locals. Once at the top of Split Rock, spend some time to take in the view, maybe even take a picnic for sunset. Then, wander down left and around to the base to see the room-like rock feature before heading back down to the beach at Horseshoe Bay.

Interactive Map

Here's the route taken from the western end of Horseshoe Bay.