There are several places around Cairns in Far North Queensland to go canyoning that many people don't know about it. Several of the creeks around the area have been bolted where there are no safe natural anchors to rappel from.

Find your local canyoners and ask for beta on the FNQ Canyoning Facebook group.

See also the local commercial canyoning operators - Cairns Canyoning

Here's a listing of canyoning places to explore around Cairns:

Behana Canyon

Apparently, not worth abseiling, easy to scramble and jump. You may want to whitewater kayak it though.

Crystal Cascades Canyon

Commercial. All bolted. Permission/permits may be required.

Spring Canyon

A pretty waterfall.

Karnak Canyon

Worth doing. Located near Devil's Thumb.

Windin Falls

The main falls have been abseiled and then ascended back out.

Josephine Creek

No information on this one.

Babinda Creek

A remote canyon that ends at Babinda Falls.

A Russel River Tributary?

Looks good on aerial imagery. Heard from kayakers that there's a water hazard at the top of one of the falls (~5m in height).

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