Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - approximately 30 km return depending on route
Time - an overnight trip recommended, but possible in one day
Grade - 5 (AWTGS)

Circle View Mountain, abbreviated as CVM, is located near, Hencamp Creek, Ollera Creek, and Bell's Track. The challenge is what attracts those that venture this way, as it's a tough trek. The summit can be made return in one day but it's recommended to do as an overnighter or a multi-day trip to fully enjoy it.

Circle View Mountain is quite different to the other mountains in the area as it is an unusually very steep mountain for the area. Circle View Mountain is located in North Queensland right next to Ollera Creek which curls around the base of it and is near the turn off to Paluma (Mt Spec Road). It's summit is at an elevation of 831 metres above sea level, and 37 metres above the surrounding ranges. The width at the base is 770 metres. The terrain around Circle View Mountain is mostly mountainous with rainforest and grasslands. The highest point nearby is 976 metres above sea level, 6.6 kilometres west of Circle View Mountain.

Steep ridgeline of Circle View Mountain, Paluma Range National Park
The steep slopes of Circle View Mountain

The summit has a large rock at the top with a rock cairn marking the highest point. There's not much of a view at the summit itself due to the thick bushland vegetation and trees however, just off the summit are views across the landscape where you can see surrounding mountain side.

In the surroundings around Circle View Mountain grows mostly clean green deciduous forest. Savanna climate prevails in the area. The annual average temperature is about 22°C, the hottest month being November having an average temperature of about 26°C, and the coldest is June, with 18°C. The average annual rainfall is 1,010 millimeters with the rainy month being February with an average of 255 mm, and the driest is September with 6 mm rainfall.

Ascending Circle View Mountain, Paluma Range National Park
Ascending Circle View Mountain

There are several conventional ways to summit Circle View Mountain. It was best accessed via the PRB Track when the trail was clear and open. Now, it's best accessed via Ollera Creek but can also be accessed via Hencamp Creek. The nearest road to Circle View Mountain is Caleo Road which is an unsealed road about five kilometres away. It crosses Ollera Creek which flows over the causeway in the wet season and is the prefered method of accessing the summit.

UPDATE 2019: The Ollera Creek Track has been recut and makes for easier access to CVM.

View from Circle View Mountain, Paluma Range National Park
Looking out towards Ollera Valley Lookout from Circle View Mountain

If you do choose the Ollera Creek option, be sure to check out Ollera Creek Falls – both the smaller and larger falls. They may even be the prettiest waterfalls in the entire Townsville area, and because they are difficult to reach, not many have enjoyed them! As you leave the creek and the elevation starts increasing, you'll find that the vegetation changes to bushland, which gets quite thick towards the summit of Circle View Mountain unfortunately hindering the view but you are able to find a few vantage points along the way.

circle view mountain luen warneke
Luen Warneke at Circle View Mountain summit

Once at the summit, you may choose to walk back along the main ridgeline past Big Rock if you have enough water.

Interactive Map

Here's an interactive map of the suggested route and things to see near Circle View Mountain:

Anneliese Dickson scrambling up Circle View Mountain