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Circle View Mountain & Ollera Creek

Ollera Creek offers many great waterfalls, most beautiful is Big Ollera Falls, as well as many rock slides and gorgeous swimming holes. There is even a few spots for small cliff jumps if you're inclined. There's a few rock walls in the valley to climb; however, the rock cliffs up the mountains are made of out decomposed granite, from crumbling kitty litter, to enormous exfoliation flakes, which isn't very good for climbing as it falls apart.

Circle View Mountain is quite different to the other mountains in the area as it is an unusually very steep mountain. The rocks in Ollera Creek are very unusual. sharp jagged edges instead of the normal round river rocks. There's a bunch of landslides in the area which in uncommon in the Paluma Range National Park.

Circle View Mountain is located in North Queensland right next to Ollera Creek which curls around the base of it and is near the turn off to Paluma. It's summit is at an elevation of 831 meters above sea level, and 37 meters above the surrounding ranges. The width at the base is 0.77 km. The terrain around Circle View Mountain is mostly mountainous with rainforest and grasslands. The highest point nearby is 976 meters above sea level, 6.6 km west of Circle View Mountain.

The summit has a large rock at the top with a rock stack marking the highest point. There's not much of a view due to the thick bushland vegetation and tree. In the surroundings around Circle View Mountain grows mostly clean green deciduous forest. Savann climate prevails in the area. The annual average temperature is about 21°C, the hottest month being November having an average temperature of about 25°C, and the coldest is June, with 18°C. The average annual rainfall is 1,010 millimeterswith the rainy month being February with an average of 254 mm, and the driest is September with 6 mm rainfall.

The nearest road to Circle View Mountain is Caleo Rd which is an unsealed road about 5km away. It crosses Ollera Creek which flows over the causeway in the wet season.
In the wet season, Ollera Creek flows like crazy and it's great fun with tubes when flooded, can go for about 9 km to the highway.

Tube falls can be easily accessed via going up Tube Creek just before Big Ollera Falls. You can also access Tube Falls, Ollera Falls, Circle View Mountain, and Big Rock from the PRB Track.

Interactive Map

Here's an interactive map of the suggested route and things to see near Circle View Mountain & Ollera Creek:

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Circle View Mountain & Ollera Creek
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