Finding Diorite Falls

Finding Diorite Falls

Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - 4, moderate to difficult depending on route taken
Distance - 15-22 kilometres depending on route taken
Time - 6-8 hours depending on route taken

Diorite Falls is a stunning ten metre slab waterfall on Waterfall Creek in Paluma Range National Park. The name comes from when early explorers named the falls after the rock, diorite.

This is a really nice place to relax and enjoy. So, you may want to bring lunch, take a break, or perhaps enjoy a refreshing swim in the inviting pool at the base of Diorite Falls.

Getting there

A great loop to do is by crossing the Paluma Dam wall and then heading north east to Diorite Falls. From Diorite Falls, you might want to stop off at Shay's Clearing – where camping is possible under Queensland national parks permit. From there, you could continue on to DCK Shelter (private property), where accommodation is also possible. Via this route, you could also stop at the tin mines and Garde's Clearing where you can explore the old mine shafts and check out Garde's Battery and leftover artifacts from the late 1800s before returning to Lake Paluma.

It is also possible to enter Waterfall Creek from the northern track. Then, you can rock hop about 100 metres upstream to Diorite Falls. When you depart, you can take the southern track back to the main trail network.

You can definitely spend a solid lunch break at Diorite Falls, especially if you're hot and sweaty and in need of a refreshing swim. Just be mindful when leaning up against or sliding down the waterfall, as you'll end up with a million tiny leeches all over you!

Interactive map

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