Waterfall Canyon
Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - Approximately 14 km one way
Time - Approximately 10-12 hours
Grade: V3 A2 IV * (French Grading System)
Approach: 2 hours
Descent: 8 hour for 4-6 people
Exit: 20 minutes depending on route
Total time: Allow 12-14 hours on the first trip. Recommended two-day trip.
Full course: 20 km one way (car shuttle)
Elevation loss: Approximately 700 metres
Flash flooding level: Low
Longest rappel - 35 m
First Descentists: Unknown

This will take you down the massive waterfall that you can see in the mountains from the highway on your way back to Townsville from Ingham. It's a beautiful creek full of waterfalls, maybe that's why it's nicknamed Waterfall Creek! The trip up Waterfall Creek used to be advertised for horse-riders as the place to "see 75 waterfalls in a day" and apparently this creek is used by Defence as an adventure training exercise and you can still see the discarded ropes and old sacrificial slings that were used from previous abseils.

The exit at bottom of the range is via private property (Zammits Road). So prior permission is needed before embarking on this trip.