The DCK Shelter, also referred to as the DCK Hut, is a house-like structure erected on private property and owned by Wilfred Karnoll on a propretual tin miner's lease. This private property with it's roofed shelter is in the heart of Paluma Range National Park and is available for anyone to use. The DCK Shelter has cooking equipment, a shower, and overnight camping facilities available. Please respect that this is private property and leave it in neat and tidy condition for the next visitor. If you intend to stay overnight, you need a confirmed booking with Wilfred and Suzanne.

As you approach the shelter, you will see a plaque. The plaque commemorates the disappearance of Diane Clare Karnoll in the Mount Spec area on 16.10.1988 aged 33 years and also marks the spot where the ashes of Jason Michael Karnoll were scattered. Jason died on Castle Hill in Townsville on 01.02.2010 aged 32 years. The DCK shelter commemorates their lives.

On arrival, please read the rules of the property and respect that this is private property.

Note that the DCK Shelter acts as an emergency shelter if a bushwalker is injured - do not abuse this.

How to make a booking

The DCK Shelter belongs to Wilfred and Suzanne – please contact Wilfred and Suzanne via email at [email protected] or via phone on 0447 822 626 if you would like to stay at DCK Shelter.

They are extremely generous by making this shelter available to the public and is a great place to stay for anyone interested in bushwalking and exploring the wet tropics world heritage area. However, they do ask to be contacted to make a firm, confirmed booking to stay there overnight – This is a requirement and anybody not complying this rule risks that the shelter will not be available to anybody. In the past, people have stayed at the shelter without permission and if this continues to happen, the next step will be to remove all references to this PRIVATE property, remove signage directing people to the shelter, and obscuring the tracks leading to it.

DCK Shelter, Paluma

What the DCK Shelter provides

  • Running water
  • A hot water system powered by fire
  • Shower (with hot water)
  • Pit latrine – compostable long drop toilet
  • Cooking equipment
  • A bedroom big enough to sleep six people (sleeps four comfortably)
  • A few camping mattresses
  • Cutlery and dishes
  • Tables, chairs, and a hammock
  • Solar lighting
  • Emergency food (Should be replaced if used)
DCK Shelter, Paluma from above

What you need to bring

  • Backpack
  • Appropriate footwear
  • A map
  • Written consent from Wilfred to stay at the shelter
  • Food for your stay
  • Butane gas cartridges for use with the camping stove
  • Water for the two hour hike in and out
  • A sleep bag or linen
  • A water filtration system or sterilisation tablets if you are not comfortable drinking creek water

A perfect day hike from DCK Shelter

There are several ways to go about a day hike due to the numerous trails. First, visit Garde's Battery and Garde's Hut Clearing and inspect all the at artefacts – But please do not take! Then cross the stream again and head towards the Wine Cellar. From there, continue uphill to the Tin Mines where you can see shafts left behind from the late 1800s. Continue on to Buttercup Lookout and Mount Spec before walking to Shay's Clearing and dipping your toes into the refreshing waters of Diorite Falls.

After relaxing and enjoying Diorite Falls all to yourself, some continue to rock hop downstream a couple hundred metres to the northern track and head back to either the shelter or the cars at the dam.

See also about the walking trails up at Paluma.