Enjoying a refreshing waterfall on Magnetic Island is the perfect day time adventure during the wet season. In the heavy rains, new waterfalls spring up everywhere around the island. Magnetic Island has many creeks and gullies...

There are several other waterfalls are on the island but some are on private property, which we cannot disclose here.

1. Huntingfield Bay - Five Beach Bay

Huntingfield Falls, Magnetic Island
Huntingfield Falls; Photo by Matt Whitton

You'll need to hop on a boat to see these remote waterfalls, but the adventure is well worth it! Otherwise it's a long hike for the experienced bushwalker.

2. Endeavour Falls - Arcadia

Endeavour Falls, Magnetic Island
Endeavour Falls; photo by Kat in Australia

The most popular and considered Maggie's most accessible waterfall is Endeavour Falls in Arcadia (Petersen Creek). Endeavour Falls are just off Endeavour Rd, Arcadia. You walk around the gate and follow the road up the hill, you should hear water flowing, off to the left there is an unmarked bush track which leads down to the creek and it's falls. It's only about 50 metres off the sealed road, but it's pretty steep getting down. Rock pools and the refreshing flow of sparkling, cool water are a popular stop for families and friends. There is a lower and an upper waterfall.

Endeavour Falls, Magnetic Island
Endeavour Falls in 2013; photo by Magnetic Times

In mid 2013, a rock fall has deposited a large boulder in the centre
of the Endeavour Falls rock pool.

3. Endeavour Creek Waterhole

Endeavour Creek is located on the western end of Horseshoe Bay. There is a path cut by locals that goes along side the Private Nature Sanctuary and into the creek where is is a nice waterhole. If you rock hop up the creek, there will be a major fork in the creek. Take either fork and you're guaranteed to have your own private waterhole.

4. Cockle Bay - West Point

Cockle Falls, Magnetic Island
Cockle Falls; photo by Magnetic Times

Cockle Falls, also known as Dog Shed Waterhole, is s a great place to have a picnic and relax. There's is never many people, and sometimes you can see koalas sleeping in the trees. A dirt track near a old shed (-19.168878, 146.826553), on the West Point Road past the Cockle Bay Road entrance, signals the entrance to this small rock pool and waterfall at Cockle Creek.

5. Gustav Creek - Nelly Bay

Gustav Falls, Magnetic Island
Gustav Falls; photo by Magnetic Times

Gustav Creek in Nelly Bay has always been a favourite for local kids.  

6. Arthur Bay

Arthur Falls

Arthur Bay Waterfall, Magnetic Island. After 350mm rain Jan 2013 as ex-TC Oswald passed west of the island.


To retain a pristine environment for others to enjoy, please take any rubbish with you once you leave. Leave no trace; take only photos and leave only footprints.

Have fun but please be aware that after a heavy rain, these watercourses can be quite dangerous and can swell quickly due to their catchment area.

Endeavour Falls, Magnetic Island
Endeavour Falls; photo by Kat in Australia