Location - Girringun National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 4
Distance - 5 km return
Time - Allow 1-2 hours return

Raspberry Falls, also referred to as Raspberry Creek Falls, is a gorgeous, terraced waterfall system that drops eastward off from the Sea View Range. The views are quite remarkable as well. The road to the trail head is easily accessed from Ingham.

Raspberry Falls top view

If the plans for constructing a trail from Paluma to Wallaman Falls commence, Raspberry Falls will be the main attraction associated with this multi-day hike and bike path.

How to get there

Drive toward Ingham and take the Stone River Road toward Mount Fox. Then, continue on Oak Hills Road to the Lannercost State Forest. Then, turn right onto Western Raspberry Break, which is a dirt road at -18.78917,145.83174.

A high clearance vehicle is recommended for the short drive into the national park. There may be creeks and gullies to cross.

The Trail

A red spray-painted can lid marks the trailhead (-18.78659,145.84459). Then, the track follows an old logging road before descending straight toward the creek. After the red spray-painted can lids, pink and orange tape mark the rest of the track.

Once you reach the creek, there are several deep pools. In most cases, it is just easier to swim through them than walking around them or rock-hopping. So, bring a dry bag for electronics.

The sandy rainforest creek beds with some rocks here and there make for a beautiful hike along the creek. You may even see cassowary footprints in the sand.

What to bring

  • Dry bag
  • Food, snacks, and water
  • Gaiters or long pants, long-sleeved shirt
  • Secateurs to help keep the trail open
  • Swimmers
  • A change of clothes for the car

Interactive map

Raspberry Falls