How to get to Spring Creek Falls

Spring Creek Falls is located in Mowbray National Park near Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. This hike is completely off-track and involves rock hopping up Spring Creek for approximately 3km, but the waterfalls are spectacular!

How to get to Spring Creek Falls

Location - Mowbray National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 4/5
Distance - 3 km, one way
Time - 1-2 hours, one way

Spring Creek Falls – also marked as "Black Rock Waterfalls" on Google Maps – is a beautiful waterfall system hidden deep within the Mowbray Valley near Port Douglas in the Far North region of Queensland. This trip is completely off-track and involves rock hopping along Spring Creek if you go independently, which is how some groups have climbed as well as descended (e.g., canyoning) these falls. However, if that's not quite your style, Back Country Bliss does offer this hike as a guided bushwalk. Given that amount of interest, these falls must be pretty spectacular!

How to get there

First, navigate to Spring Creek Road (via Trezise Road), which is about 15 kilometres south of Port Douglas. Then, drive almost to the end of Spring Creek Road until you see a 90 degree right-hand turn. Near here, you will notice a dirt track tucked away on the left at the bend in the road. Drive along this dirt track for approximately 200 metres until you reach the creek. Here, you can park your vehicle and begin the hike upstream.

Note that this walk is unmarked and has no specific path; however, follow the creek, and you will eventually reach this giant, gorgeous waterfall. While unmarked, you may notice parts where a track has formed due to numerous hikers compacting the ground and pink tape marking difficult sections around large boulders. This may become more and more pronounced as this adventure gains popularity.

One way, the hike is three kilometres of rock hopping during which time you will pass multiple small cascades, pools, and swimming holes. While tempting, especially if the weather is hot, try to hold out so you can really admire and enjoy the big waterfall system as your reward at the end of the route. Spend some time enjoying Spring Creek Falls, have a rest and a snack, and take it all in! Then, return to your vehicle via the same route.

Interactive Map

As these areas around Cairns become increasingly popular, we will need to be more diligent in practicing our Leave No Trace philosophy. Be mindful of disturbing the flora and fauna, and keep your impact to a minimum. Please take everything back home with you. If you find rubbish, please pick it up, and hike it out. Let's take only photos (and other people's rubbish) and leave only light footprints... and, of course, a cleaner environment.


  • Please do not bring glass bottles and containers into this area.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Be careful after rain, and be mindful of slippery rocks.

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