Location - Mowbray National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 4/5
Distance - 3 km one-direction
Time - 1-2 hours one-direction

Spring Creek Falls are hidden deep within the Mowbray Valley near Port Douglas. This trip is completely off-track rock hopping along Spring Creek. Back Country Bliss do a guided bushwalks. Spring Creek Falls is also marked as "Black Rock Waterfalls" on Google Maps. Apparently, people have climbed up the waterfall to the top. This has also been descend via ropes as a canyoning trip.

How to get there

Navigate to Spring Creek Road (via Trezise Road) and drive almost to the end where there is a 90 degree right-hand turn. You will notice a dirt track tucked away on your left at the bend. Follow the dirt track a couple hundred metres to the creek where you can park your car and where the hike upstream begins.

This walk is unmarked and has no specific path. Stick to the creek and you will eventually make it to these giant, gorgeous falls. The hike is a three kilometres one-way rock-hop passing multiple cascades and pools. Don't be tempted by the several swimming holes along the way, keep going and admire your reward at the end. There are a bits of a formed track in places where high tracked has compacted the ground and pink tape marking difficult sections around large boulders.

Interactive Map


  • Please do not bring glass bottles and containers into this area.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Watch your ankles on the rocks.

As these areas around Cairns become increasingly popular, we will need to be more diligent in practicing our Leave No Trace philosophy. Be mindful of disturbing the flora and fauna and keep your impact to a minimum. Please take everything back home with you. If you find rubbish, please pick it up and hike it out. Let's take only photos (and other people's rubbish) and leave only light footprints... and, of course, a cleaner environment.