Location: Girringun National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Height: 268 m
Elevation: 545 m
Number of drops: 1

Wallaman Falls is Australia's highest permanent single-drop waterfall located in Girringun National Park.

Wallaman Falls flow

While most people just view Wallaman Falls from the lookout or walk down to the base of the falls, some more adventurous beings set up rope swings, base jump, abseil, highline, rock climb the walls, and canyon down Stony Creek; though entry to the top of the falls and the surrounding escarpment is prohibited without a permit or written approval. The first ascent of Wallaman Falls was in 1989 using traditional protection with the route goes up to the right of the falls and it is not known to have had a second ascent.

Wallaman Falls in flood
Wallaman Falls in full flow after all the rainfall early 2020. Two of the largest single drop waterfalls in Australia! PC: @schmidtdogg_

How to get there

Wallaman Falls are a two hour drive north from Townsville and accessible by conventional vehicle. Drive towards Ingham and then turn left following the signs leading you to the waterfall. The last part of the route is dirt road but is suitable for normal cars.