Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Moderate to difficult depending on route taken
Distance - 15-22 kilometres depending on route taken
Time - 6-8 hours depending on route taken

Gold Creek Falls, or Gold Falls, is a beautiful 50 metre terraced waterfall in Gold Creek in Paluma Range National Park. This is a great place to rest and recover from the hike. So bring lunch, take a break, or perhaps enjoy a refreshing swim in the inviting pool at the top of Gold Creek Falls. This place was a water source for the early tin miners who walked up Bullocky Tom's Track.

Getting there

This waterfall is commonly done along with the full length of the Bullocky Tom's Track. People either hike out via Crystal Falls, or stop off at DCK Shelter (private property), where accommodation is also possible. See the Paluma Trails article to choose your adventure route.

You can definitely spend a solid lunch break at Gold Creek Falls, especially if you're hot and sweaty and in need of a refreshing swim. The track takes you to the top of the falls and there's a fixed-rope in place to assist your descent into the creek. Enjoy a swim before heading back or continuing along the route.

bottom of gold creek falls
Gold Creek Falls

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