Location - Bowling Green National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - ~4-5 kilometres one way
Duration - ~3-4 hours one way to reach pool
Elevation grain - ~180 metres
Grade - 4

Killymoon is a very pretty little creek to the south of Alligator Creek and is located in Bowling Green National Park, near the Saddle Mountain, and Mount Storth section. The Townsville Bushwalking Club often use this as a beginners or introductory walk to rock hopping. It is not a long nor hard walk but has all the aspects of a typical creek walk. The walk is best started on private property, contact Wilfred Karnoll or the Townsville Bushwalking Club to gain permission, but can also be done by walking the full length of the creek.

The walk commences with about 30 minutes of walking through farmlands, over a couple of small hills until you reach the national park boundary and then the creek itself. The first 15 minutes in the creek will take you along a couple of dry watercourses before hitting the main water channel.

This is a great introduction to a rock hopping walk for those who have never done much of this type of walking. You can take your time to get your balance and know that you are in a secure environment. There is a steep slab of rock to negotiate, but there are alternatives for those who find this a bit too difficult. Contact the Townsville Bushwalking Club to find out more about their upcoming introductory walks.

The journey in the creek itself is about two hours each way. The path to the waterhole has a rise of about 30 degrees along a massive water race. Rock hopping and boulder scrambling up the creek past nice cascades and pools. The cascade and waterhole make for a perfect place to rest, swim, and eat lunch before turning around for the return journey.

After rain, rock may be slippery and wet grass from the dew could mean wet boots; so take care on the rocks and note that some rocks in shade may be damp from dew.

What to bring

Bring all of the usual requirements for a day walk:

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera
  • First aid kit
  • Water
  • Togs and towel
  • Snacks and lunch

Interactive Map

Cover photo by Keith Dyson