UPDATE 2020: A new car park has been installed at the corner of Bayswater Road and Weston Street. Construction on the road and three kilometre pathway has started. These tracks are expected to be completed in September. Please stay off the new tracks until completion. The official opening is on 3rd October 2020.
The track that starts from across the Coles car park (Dalrymple Road) seems to be open. The stairs that are being built from the Bayswater Road side still seems closed.

Once a popular place to ride dirt bikes and four-wheel drive, Mount Louisa is now starting to rival Castle Hill. Mount Louisa is getting an upgrade and will soon have it's very own well-constructed walking tracks, much like Castle Hill. Indeed, it has been one of the most underutilised pinnacles within the suburbs of Townsville!

mt louisa crest

Mount Louisa is the subject of a concept plan for recreational facilities, opportunities that are part of Townsville 2020 masterplan. The plan is expected to make Mount Louisa's ridgeline more accessible and take advantage of its 360-degree views of the city. Mount Louisa is one of the highest points in the heart of Townsville with it's peak rising 185 metres above seal level, overlooking the north and ocean side of the city.

Don't wait for the trails to be completed, however. Locals have be walking Mount Louisa for years, and many trails are already well-formed from previous mountain bikers and motor vehicles, and you'll even see a few burnt and rusty cars as well as washouts and eroded tracks from it's previous history.

mt louisa burnt rusty car
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The main trial is Mount Louisa Crest Track which goes along the prominent ridgeline. There are several places to start from but many are overgrown and/or no longer used.

Interactive Map

One of the popular starting locations is at the corner of Bayswater Road and Weston Street. Other common places to start are at the end of Albans Road and at the end of Adrian Rise which takes you easily uphill to the ridgeline track.

Mount Louisa Crest Track

Distance - 6 km return
Time - 1 hour
It seems as though not many people know that this fantastic trail even exists! Starting on the service road, near the end of St Albans Road & Glasgow Avenue, take the track up the bitumen road, then take a right onto the unmaintained dirt road, then taking a left onto the unmaintained single track. It has a relatively steep, but steady, start, then it flattens out to an easier trail taking you onto the ridgeline where there are stunning views of Castle Hill, Magnetic Island, and Mount Stuart – 360 degrees of bliss. Hands down, the best part of this track is the jaw-dropping 360 degree views along the ridge!

mt louisa service road