Canyoning Mobile Creek - An Ollera Creek Tributary

Some refer to this tributary as Mobile Creek. The creek often has little flow so this makes for a perfect canyoning trip after heavy rain - within reason.

Canyoning Mobile Creek - An Ollera Creek Tributary

Mobile Canyon

Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - Approximately 20 km one way
Time - Approximately 8-10 hours one way
Grade - V3 A2 III (French Grading System)
Longest rappel - 25 m

Some refer to this tributary as Mobile Creek. The creek often has little flow so this makes for a perfect canyoning trip after heavy rain - within reason. Note, if you choose the one way option, a car shuttle is required. There are several other options though. One of which could be heading upstream of another main fork to the saddle and down into Little Creek Creek and out at the bridge - shown on the map.

After you've setup the car shuttle, from Paluma hike southwards along the Smith Falls Track which is part of The PRB Track (this section is also known as Benham's Track / Windy Corner Track).

After walking along the track for 5.6 km, you will arrive at the watershed of Mobile Creek, an Ollera Creek tributary. From here, you will need to bushbash down the intermittent stream for about 50 metres before it begins to open up.

The stream starts out as a mini mud-canyon and continues into a small boulder rainforest stream.

The creek then turns into larger drops off and small waterfalls before arriving at the not easily passable 25m falls.

Continue to rock hop and rappel the length of the creek to the Ollera Creek junction which is approximately six kilometers. The boulders will become larger before joining into Ollera Creek. The rest of the creek is the usual, straightforward rock hop.

Cross Ollera Creek and join into the Ollera Creek Track to walk out to the car for four kilometers. This trip is approximately a total of 20 kilometres (plus zig zagging) and it's all downhill!

Interactive Map


This creek has a whole bunch of optional rappels. Most of the falls can be scrambled, jumped, or walked around. However, abseiling is always an option if your group is not comfortable with the approach.

R1 Optional

Tree RHS 15m or scramble right

R2 optional

Scramble 6m left or right

R3 optional

Cliff jump 1m

R4 optional

Slot canyon 5m tree LHS or scramble down shute

R5 optional

Cliff jump 2m - caution rock in middle of pool

R6 optional

Scramble left

R7 optional

Rappel as too shallow to jump or 10m RHS scramble or LHS scramble

R8-25m NA-TL Mobile Falls

25m rappel from small tree on left.

R9 optional

3m LHS large pool

R10 optional

Cliff jump 2m

R11 optional

Rappel 6m
Scramble L using vine and then under big rock

Mobile Creek

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