Paluma Township Tracks

This article includes the official National Park trails located around Paluma village.

Paluma Township Tracks
Cover photo of Witt's Lookout by @philcoppphotos

Location - Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

This article includes the official National Park trails located around Paluma village. For the larger network of trail, see the Hiking in Paluma Range National Park article.

McClelland's Lookout

McClellands Lookout Paluma
Photo credit @philcoppphotos

The views from these lookouts are outstanding! You can also learn about the site's colourful history from the information sign. McClelland's Lookout loop track was named after the Main Roads Officer-in-Charge of the construction of Paluma's Mount Spec Road. From the initial car park, a 150 metre track leads you to McClelland's Lookout. Wheelchair access to the lookout is via the second entrance. Wheelchair accessible lookout with picnic table, toilets, grassy area for a picnic, not to mention the splendid views.

Witt's Lookout

Witt's Lookout

From McClelland's Lookout, continue to walk through the rainforest learning about local plants and animals. At the signposted junction, take the right-hand-route to Witts Lookout. From here, the track climbs steeply through open forest before finishing at the lookouts on two rocky outcrops. On a clear day, you can enjoy views of Halifax Bay and the Palm Islands to the northeast.

There's a upper and lower lookout.

A scenic point near Witt's Lookout was named Benham's Lookout; however, it was unfortunately closed by the Department of Environment in 1999.

Cloudy Creek Falls

Cloudy Creek Falls, Paluma Range National Park
Cloudy Creek Falls; photo credit: David Lynam

From here, you can optionally continue onto Ethel Creek Falls.

Andree Griffin Track

Take you past a small weir where you can often see platypus.

School Track

This school track is a great short walk for kids that takes you through lush rainforest in the cool climate of Paluma. The track link up to the Andree Griffin Track.

Sensory Walk

This rainforest walk starts opposite the Paluma Town Hall and finishes 200 m to the west along Mount Spec Road. Look for strangler figs and king ferns as you meander along the track. The track will then take you to a rainforest creek and past an old tin-race, which is a stone-pitched channel made by miners back in the day. All in all, the trail is only 680 m long, but aim to allow at least 30 minutes for this easy walk. Glow fungi at night.

The Rainforest Track

This short circuit takes you through the wonderful wet tropical rainforest and you can find all sorts of flora and fauna.

The H Track

This walk is 1.1 km in length, and so you may want to allow an hour. You will start the walk on Whalley Crescent and finish the walk on Lennox Crescent; both of these roads are just off Mount Spec Road in the Paluma Township. While on the walk, you will pass through rainforest, following an old timber-hauling or 'snig' track, and you can view loading ramps and old stumps, logging relics of the past. Although fenced for your safety, remnants of an old mine shaft provide insight into how miners first searched for tin. Not only is this a beautiful walk, but it is also an opportunity to take a step back in history. Continuation is the Bluegum Circuit.

Star Valley Lookout

The Star Valley Lookout is located just south of the Paluma Township on Mt Spec Road and provides a glimpse of the Star River Valley. This lookout is car-accessible.

Birthday Creek Falls

Birthday Creek Falls
Many remark on the crystal clear water here and how refreshing it can be. You can also walk through the rainforest to the top of the picturesque cascades on Birthday Creek.
birthday creek falls paluma

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For more trails, see the Hiking in Paluma Range National Park article.

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