Station Creek to Waterview Creek

This loop will take you from Jourama Falls up towards Paluma Dam and then down Station Creek which flows into Waterview Creek. Highlights: The Black Hole & top of Jourama Falls.

Station Creek to Waterview Creek

Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Skill Level - 5, very difficult and strenuous day trip
Distance - 34 km circuit
Time - 11-13 hours

Station Creek flows into Waterview Creek well above Jourama Falls and The Black Hole. On this loop, you can either start off at Jourama Falls car park and walk up the Paluma Dam to Jourama Falls Track to Station Creek or hike in from Paluma Dam (car shuttle required).

station creek headwater

At the junction of Station Creek and this trail are old mining remains so make sure you check them out.

station creek bed

A few large granite boulders are scattered throughout Station Creek keeping it interesting and scenic. As usual, be aware of stinging trees (Gimpie Gimpie).

Interactive Map

Here's the map of the loop. Note, that you can also start from Paluma Dam.

This trip is best done with rappelling as it's not easy to get around the cliffs above The Black Hole. It is possible to navigate around the falls and exit via the Black Hole Track - beware of Gimpie Gimpie.

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