Townsville has a rich World War II history. During World War II, concrete bunkers, forts, vantage points, searchlights, and gun emplacements were constructed and used by Australian and American soldiers. Many of them still stand today as a reminder of Townsville's military history.

A persistent urban legend has it that when American troops were stationed in Townsville during World War II, they offered to demolish the hill and construct a causeway to Magnetic Island. Another is that they constructed tunnels under Castle Hill and Kissing Point.

The Forts, Magnetic Island
The Forts; Photo credit @hollie_moriarty_photo

Magnetic Island

Definitely the most locally known WW2 bunkers, The Forts on Magnetic Island are often visited. Read more about the Forts Walk.
The Forts (Workshop, Officers latrines, Mess hall and kitchen for lower ranks, ammunitions store, artillery command post, gun emplacements, range finder, radio tower signal station and command post).
Searchlight Tower.
Anti-aircraft Gun Site, Nelly Bay

Kissing Point

Fort: Jezzine Barracks

Cape Pallarenda

Cape Pallarenda Coastal Artillery and searchlight bunkers

Town Common

Town Common Range Observation Bunkers

Townsville City / Castle Hill

Green Street Bunker

The Green Street bunker at West End is also known as the Sidney Street bunker and Project 81.

Flinders Street East Signals Bunker

Top of Castle Hill

Jimmy's Lookout

Jimmy's Lookout Anti-aircraft bunker

Roseneath and Wulguru (Mount Stuart)

Roseneath and Wulguru have a number of heritage-listed sites, including former Operations and Signals Bunker.
Wulguru has a number of heritage-listed sites.

Stuart Bunker - Off Stuart Drive (formerly in Stuart): former Operations and Signals Bunker. Fighter Sector Headquarters bunker.

Ross River

Ross River Anti-aircraft bunkers. Located South Townsville.


Garbutt Operations & Signals Bunker

Orpheus Island US submarine repair station, Palm Island Group

Mount Straloch and Saddle Mtn, Giru, and other plane crashes are located around the area.


Note that some of these locations are located on private property and prior permission is required to access the location.

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Interactive Map

Here's an interactive map of all the WWII Bunkers of the Townsville area.

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We would like these historic sites to be remembered, and we would like the relics and artefacts to stay at the site and not fall victim to collectors and trophy hunters. There are few places remaining like this in Australia, let alone the world, to explore that have not been pillaged. There is no reason to remove objects from any of these sites. Please be responsible, respect the history, and respect the importance of this site for future generations. Take photos and leave only footprints.

Note that was used to source some bunker names. You can find more information and history at Australia at War. Neil Olsen from Neilo's Images has also provided locations and many photos of these locations.