/ Paluma Range National Park

Abseiling down Jourama Falls, Waterview Creek

A bunch of mates and myself were keen to abseil down the face of Jourama Falls. I knew someone has previously done it because there were anchors already at the top of the falls.

Rock climbing anchors at top of Jourama Falls

It's quite a beautiful place at the top falls with views overlooking the the coastline and ocean to horizon. The easiest way to get to the upper falls is to hike from Jourama Falls National Park's lookout up.

Alternatively, you can arrange a shuttle or have a friend drop you at Hidden Valley and walk down the Jacobsen's Track to the top of the blackhole swimming pool but you'll have to walk through dense rainforest to get into the creek and possibly put in anchors or use trees to abseil down into the blackhole.

All the falls just above the main one have already been bolted.

Here's a map of the route you can take to get there: