Flagstone Canyon

Location - Girringun National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Grade - V4/5 A4 IV/V *** (French Grading System)
Approach - 2-3 hours depending on route
Descent - 4-6 hours for 4-6 people
Exit - 5-7 hours depending on route
Total time - Allow at least 2 full days on first trip
Full course - ~30 km one-way trip
Elevation loss - ~560 metres
Flash flooding level - High
First descentists - 2020 Luen Warneke, Madoc Sheehan, and Quinn Sheehan

Flagstone Canyon is a fantastic big drop and committing canyon for advanced canyoneers. The canyon features the impressive, multi-terraced Flagstone Falls with approximately 300 metres of elevation drop in 200 metres.


See the 'How to get to Flagstone Falls' article.

Interactive Map


The rappels are broken up into multi-pitches.

Flagstone Canyon, Flagstone Creek

R1-20m NA-TL

~15m into pool from tree - can stop on the lower ledge and then jump in.

Possible to rappel in waterfall from chockstone.

High flow hazard: watch out for construction chockstone and potential sieve just below R1.

R2-70m NA-TL Flagstone Falls

Last canyon exit: bail out left up gully.

R3-10m NA-TR

If you have a enough rope to get to far ledge, skip this rap.

Crack construction TR, or parallel crack TL.
Traverse down and out along ledge on right.

R4-65m NA-TR

Chock stone thread through. Approximately 65m to tree

R5-40m NA-TR

Tree multi-pitch 40m

R6-70m NA-C

Last falls of the main Flagstone Falls.

Wisp Falls flows in here.

R7-20m NA-C Optional Gorge

Scramble around left

White Adder Creek (signposted Black Adder Creek) flows in here.

R8-15m NA-TL Optional Three Falls

15m to a swim
or scramble around left on scree slopes.

R9-20m NA-C The Drop Off

Scramble around right

R10-15m NA-C Optional Gorge

Scramble around right


Swim, scramble, and rock hop out to Garrawalt Creek. From here, you may have enough time to go upstream 900m to the Wall of Waterfalls (Lower Garrawalt Falls).

Watch for crocs in the lower creek when exiting.

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