Garrawalt Canyon

Location - Girringun National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Grade - V4/5 A4 IV/V **** (French Grading System)
Approach - 3-5 hours depending on route
Descent - 6-9 hours for 4-6 people
Exit - 4-6 hours depending on route
Total time - Allow at least 2 full days on first trip
Full course - ~20 km one-way trip
Elevation loss - ~560 metres
Flash flooding level - High
First descentists - 2020 Luen Warneke, Jake Cosby, and Brendan Moore

Garrawalt Falls is impressive enough to look at, let along rappel down them. This majestic canyon provide long drops, rappels through water, and plenty of pack swims. This canyon will not disappoint.


See the 'How to get to Garrawalt Falls' article.

Top of Garrawalt Falls

Interactive Map


The canyon has some large drops and some advanced rigging (knot blocks) required.

Garrawalt Canyon, Garrawalt Creek

R1 80m NA-TR Garrawalt Falls

Last bail point

Option 1: Boulder (closer to edge)
Option 2: Tree

R2 55m NA-TR

Option 1: Crack system - Knot block and chock stone. Rappels into lower of the two pools.
Option 2: Boulder - rappels directly into flow and pool.
Option 3: Potentially scramble out to tree line for tree anchor.

R3 30m NA-TL Amphitheater

Scramble down to the cliff edge close to the waterfall to a solid crack system knot block. Slightly awkward to load the rappel.

Pack swim out and across the pool.

Rock scramble / down climb / pack swim to the top of the Lower Garrawalt Falls.

Can possibly bail out here through the rainforest.

R4 15m NA-TR Lower Garrawalt Falls

Tree to high ledge on River Right. Walk around ledge to R5 knot block just around the corner.

R5 NA-TR 50m

Option 1: Bomber crack knot block.
Option 2: Possible scramble out and around right and up to tree.

Swim across the large pool and to the right of the big protruding block.

R6 60m NA-C

Thread boulder and rappel to top of smaller falls. Then cross the stream and scramble to higher ground.

R7 Last waterfall

Scramble down left side. Zig and zag back and forth to get down this slab. Do not attempt if raining.


Walk out along the creek overflow sections and/or follow the cow the tracks. See more details in 'How to get to Lower Garrawalt Falls'.

Watch for crocs in the lower creek.

Canyon Topo

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