Raspberry Canyon

Location - Girringun National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Approach Difficulty - Grade 4 (AWTGS)
Grade - V4 A1 III (French Grading System)
Total Distance - Approximately 7 km
Total Time - 5-8 hours
Approach - 1 hour
Descent - 5-7 hours
Exit - 1 hour
Elevation loss - 500 m
Flash flooding level - Low
Longest rappel - ~70 m

This canyon has grand views and some unique rappels. Raspberry Falls is an open creek where that water cascades down the terraced, bare granite rock cliffs. The landscape is open and rugged. It's one of the larger systems that drop off the Sea View Range. Raspberry Creek flows into Stone River (West Branch).


The approach is well-documented in the How to get to Raspberry Creek Falls article. Note that lawyer cane (wait-a-while) and stinging tree (gympie gympie) are present in this area.