Location - Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

Many of the popular places have been shut down over the recent years; Dalberg, Mount Louisa, Ollera Creek, Forestry Road to name a few. People acting like idiots, riding unregistered dirt bikes and quad bikes, and/or illegal dumping of rubbish. Respect the locals, the roads, and the beaches. Don't leave your rubbish behind. You bring it you take it.


Before you ride in these areas, do your own research and double check that these areas are legal to ride in. See also our general disclaimer. Adhere to all legislation; for example, you need to be wearing a helmet and have a registered vehicle.

Trail bike riding
Ride smart, ride safe, and ride in the right place.
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Join the local dirt bike club - DSMRA: Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association Townsville & Cairns or the four-wheel drive clubs.

Big Bend, Burdekin River

Big Bend Hill

A small network of tracks with camping and fishing opportunities.

Flat Rock, Burdekin River

flat rock charters towers 4wd

A small area of dirt tracks that are popular with locals. Camping and fishing is possible.

Insulator Creek

Insulator Beach is access via the turn off at Crystal Creek service station.

Gumlow / Bohle River

Powerline tracks and a maze of trails to explore. Access via Becks Drive / Bowhunters Road, or similar.

dirt bike bowhunters

Keelbottom Creek

Keelbottom Creek is located at the top of Hervey Range.

Purono Park

The salt pans and mud flats of Purono Park. It's a fairly small area located near Yabulu.

Toomulla Beach

Toomulla is good for camping on the beach with the ability to ride bikes. Good place for beginners/to intermediate riders.

dirt bike mount louisa

Zig Zag Station, Hidden Valley

Zig Zag is located near Running River in the Hidden Valley area. This is private property and requires permission. There is also paid camping now in designated areas.

Cungulla Beach

About a 45 min drive south of Townsville.

dirt bike creek corssing 1

Don River, Bowen

Don River is a bit of a drive but it may just be worth the effort.

Black River

Black River is a sandy river bed just north of Townsville. The are many tracks throughout the nearby locals Bohle Plains, Deeragun, and Jensen.

Places that have been shut down

Salt pans near Cape Cleveland, Harvey's Range tunnels (Greenvale Line), Dalberg, Forestry Road (Bluewater Range Track), Ollera Creek.

Ollera Creek is no more. Fallen like it's brother, the Dalberg area. A change of ownership and a new cattle station has loose ends to find another great camping place.