Gold Canyon, Gold Creek

Gold Creek Falls is worth a visit alone but the entire Gold Creek is comprised of waterfall after waterfall. This creek showcases beautiful, untouched scenery with mossy rocks and large king ferns.

Gold Canyon, Gold Creek

Gold Canyon

Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - Approximately 16 km loop (via Bullocky Tom's Track)
Time - Allow 7-10 hours for 4 people
Grade - V4 A2 IV ** (French Grading System)
Approach - 50 - 90 minutes
Descent - 3 hour for 4-6 people
Exit - 1-3 hours depending on the route
Elevation loss - Approximately 400 metres
Flash flooding level - Medium/High - see notes
Longest rappel - R1-50m (also R8-35m in Crystal Creek)

This creek will remind you of "The Terraces"; waterfall after waterfall albeit quite mossy and moist. Very beautiful, untouched scenery with damp, mossy rocks and large king ferns surrounding the creek. The rainforest creek is sheltered from the sun and is cold in the winter months.

bottom of gold creek falls
Gold Creek Falls