This creek reminds me of "The Terraces" - waterfall after waterfall albeit quite different. Very beautiful, untouched scenery with mossy rocks and large king ferns surrounding the creek.

Gold Creek waterfalls

There are three options to do this trip:

  • Organise a car shuttle from Paluma Dam to Mango Tree carpark. Walk to Gold Creek Falls and rappel down the creek to the inlet plant.
  • Or walk from Paluma Dam to Crystal Falls, rappel down the falls to Gold Creek fork and rock climb up Gold Creek to the Bullocky Tom's Track and walk back to Paluma Dam.
  • Or walk up the Bullocky Tom's Track to Gold Creek Falls and rappel down the falls and continue down stream to the water intake plant and water back along the road to the Mango Tree carpark.

I recommend starting early and walk quickly up "Bullocky Tom's Track" to Gold Falls. Abseil down the myriad of falls and join into crystal creek. Exit the creek at the intake plant and walk back along the road to the car.

Gold Creek lookout

You could also set up a car shuttle and go in from Paluma Dam ending at "Mango Tree carpark" (the Rockslides car park).

Gold Creek waterfall

Gold Creek has many waterfalls and not so many natural anchors like trees to rappel from.

Gold Creek falls

It's very beautiful but has slipery rocks due to the wet nad mossy rocks. King ferns are present in this area.

Gold Creek falls

Most of Gold Creek is shaded by the rainforst canopy so sun protection is not needed until you enter Crystal Creek.

Interactive Map

Here's a map with all the suggested routes:
Note take we take the Paluma tracks to Crystal Ck or Gold Ck so no bush bashing involved.

What to bring

A day pack with

  • about 1L of water for the walk in. The water in the creek should fine to drink. I drink it without sterilising it but do so at your own risk.
  • Food and snacks for the day.
  • Shoes; I recommend shoes that have grip on wet mossy granite rocks and drain & dry quickly. I usually wear joggers. Can take two pairs of shoes, one for the wet stuff and the other for rock hopping - it's up to you.
  • Remember to take mossie spray
  • A 60m rope, harness, rappel device, prusik and carabiner as an extra safety precaution.
  • First decent: Bolting gear (~18 anchors and bolts + cordless rotary hammer-action drill and drill bits, hole cleaning stuff, a few sacrificial slings/webbing)
  • A headlight (+ spare torch) in case we take too long again.
  • Please bring an extra set of clothes to leave in the car at the bottom.
  • First Aid Kit & a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

Gold Creek waterfall