Most Townsvillians know of the rock slides, that's the one just after Paradise Waterhole near the base of Mount Spec. However, there are several rock slides, but first, let's start with Nolan's Gully.

1. Nolan's Gully rock slides

Nolan's Gully rockslides during flood
Nolans Gully Rockslides in flood

Huge water-polished, grey-pink granite slabs separate a series of shallow pools and flowing cascades within the bed of Nolans Gully, a tributary of Big Crystal Creek. These Rockslides have long been a popular site for locals to get away from the summer heat and an alternative to the ever popular and nearby Paradise Waterhole.

2. Little Crystal Creek rock slides

Devil's Leap (Peanut Falls)

Located near Devil's Falls (a.k.a. Peanut Falls), is a dangerous rockslide that can be deadly in highflow. Many people have been airlifted out of this area. Devil's Leap, also known as Peanut Falls, is located in Paluma Range National Park about 60 kilometres (one hour driving) north of Townsville and well-known to the locals of the Townsville area. These falls are part of Little Crystal Creek and can be easily accessed via an unofficial dirt track just a few hundred meters below the heritage-listed bridge. The rock slides also provide an extra bit of fun.

3. St Margaret Creek rock slides

rockslides palm creek st margaret

These rockslides are located within the Bowling Green Bay National Park on St Margaret Creek - often referred to as Palm Creek Rockslides, or just 'The Rockslides', due to the the Palm Creek Caravan Park near by.

The Palm Creek rock slides are a seemingly lost treasure. The name can be misleading too, as these slides are located within St Margaret Creek rather than Palm Creek. However, the original name came from the access point being via the Palm Creek Eco Park. Nevertheless, getting there only requires a relatively short walk, at which point you will find fantastic swimming holes and slides that make for a perfect place to take your family.

After following the rough track to the rock slides, you can take an opportunity to relax and refresh. You may even choose to slide down these slides into the pool below. Enjoy having a swim, and perhaps take a picnic lunch or a snack. From here, you can either call it a day and head back or continue onto The Terraces, The Cascades, and Hidden Falls.

Other Notable Mentions

There are several small slides in many of the creek around Townsville, e.g., the ones in Ollera Creek, Diorite Falls in Waterfall Creek, and the slides in Lower Little Crystal Creek.