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Hidden aboriginal art around Townsville

Aboriginal paintings are art made by indigenous Australians and is closely linked to religious ceremonies or rituals. These places listed are free to visit and as always, please respect and treat these places with great care. Please do not graffiti or litter and dispose of human waste correctly.

View from Mt Storth, Townsville

Cape Cleveland, Bowling Green Bay National Park

Located at the base of Mt Storth, this area is by far the best of the aboriginal paintings around Townsville. When the highway was first planned to be built, it was going to go straight through the hillside which would have destroyed these historic sites. Thankfully that never happened.

Cape Cleveland Aboriginal paintings

They are well hidden so you will need to climb through and look around at all the rocks. Allow 30 minutes to walk around to fully appreciate this significant area.

Cape Cleveland Aboriginal art

Aborigines use to choose specific areas to place their art. It needed to be a memorable area with features that stood out and had a canvas for their art which was protected from the elements, preferably where a slab of granite freshly peal off revealing a new and unweather, rock.

There is also a few paintings out at White Rock Bay between two rocks.

Hervey Range

Turtle Rock is not a well known tourist attraction located out at Harvey Range. Most locals wouldn't know it existed. Peel through the log book when here. Turtle Rock is basically one large rock that has a underhang where the entire surface is covered in aboriginal art. This is only a five minute walk from where you park your car.
It is also rumored to have more paintings in this area near the hills.

Turtle Rock, Hervey Range

Turtle Rock Art Site has been a place of importance to Aboriginal people for over 4,000 years. Archaeological research here has shown that people lived in the shelter, cooked and ate their meals and made their tools in the shade of the rock. Materials in the site have been carried up to 20 km and suggest that the site may have had some importance as a notable place or camp.

Turtle Rock Aboriginal art

Art motifs at the site also indicate that social and spiritual activites took place here. The exact meaning of the art may not be known today, but this site still remains special to the Aboriginal people.

Mt Louisa

I've recently visited these area and found out that this area has been graffiti. It's always sad to see history vandalised. There is only one painting in this area which is significantly faded. If you look towards the hills, you will be able to see a rock feature with several holes in it. The painting is in the far right hole.

Mt Louisa Aboriginal Paintings

Aboriginal Paintings graffitied

Mutarnee, Paluma

Under a rock, near crystal creek and next to Bullocky Tom's Track is an Aboriginal painting of a stick figure.
Also towards the hills are a few other Aboriginal paintings. There are two trees that have been blazed at the base of the hill. Just follow those trees straight up to the rocks. Death adders love this country so wear snake resistant gaiters.

How to get there

To get to most of these sites, you will need to do a little bit of bushwalking. With bushwalking, their are no paths or tracks however here's an interactive map of the locations and ideal routes on how to get there.