Canyoning around Townsville

I've spent the last year exploring many of the creeks around Townsville, some being a hit and miss. Sometimes it can be hard to read a topographical map and you expect to find unscablable cliff faces ending in an abseil but other times you end up carrying all the heavy equipment to no avail.

After doing plenty of canyoning, my definition of it has changed significantly. I use to think it was only when you we're going down an actual slot canyon, like in the blue mountains but now a days, I consider abseiling down waterfalls and creeks canyoning like most others do.

There are several places around Townsville to go canyoning and many people don't know about it. Several of the creeks around Townsville have been bolted where there are no safe natural anchors to rappel from.

Top 5 Canyoning Creeks around Townsville

Here's my top 5 favorite canyoning places to explore around Townsville.

Waterview Creek & Jourama Falls Canyoning

I would consider this one of the best creeks. You can either do the full length of the creek from the Jacobsen Track or cut across to the top of the main falls and do a half day. Granite creek bed that drops quickly and provides views of the valley below. The slide into the infinity pool at the top of the main drop is my favorite part.
Waterview Creek (from Jacobsen Track to Jourama Falls) this route has been bolted -
Or just Jourama Falls -

Waterfall Creek Canyoning

One of the well known waterfalls
Waterfall Creek (Paluma Dam to the Bruce Highway) - Plenty of trees to rappel from, no bolts - need sacrificial slings -

Crystal Creek Canyoning

What a gorge! Crystal Falls and this Creek is one of the most beautiful creeks I've been down around Townsville.
Crystal Creek (from Crystal Creek Falls to the Water Inlet) is a nice place - has a steep cliffs on either side at one point. There are a few trees to rappel from, no bolts have been placed -

Gold Creek Canyoning

Wet, mossy, and fully shaded! This route will take you down myriad waterfalls.
Gold Creek is very mossy and untouched. Has king ferns. No bolts placed. Need to be sensitive of vegetation -

Alligator Creek Falls

There is only one pitch in this Alligator Creek. It invloved a 2 hour hike out to the base and a 30min climb to the top of the falls. The good thing is that you can do both climbing up the waterfalls and then abseiling down.

Little Crystal Creek

Mainly a rock scramble, there's only a couple small cliffs that need to be abseiled.

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Luen Warneke

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Canyoning around Townsville
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